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How do I view a report ?


For detailed descriptions of the reports available on the RHInterchange site, please see Report Descriptions

The procedure for viewing report data is fundamentally the same for each available report type. First, select the type of report you want to view from the drop-down list under Select Report (to the left of the screen). Next, select the geographic area for which you would like to see the report from the drop-down list under Select Geographic Area.

Click View Data. 


As an example:

To view a Summary of Shipments report for a given country, say Ethiopia, select "Summary of Shipments" from the Select Reports drop-down list, and "Ethiopia" from the Select Geographic Area drop-down list (as shown in the graphic below). 

Click View Data. 



The Summary of Shipments report is displayed, as shown in the figure below. The system defaults to displaying shipment data for all funding sources and all contraceptive methods, and date defaults to the previous full calendar year. 



Reports can be refined according to funding source(s), date, geographic location(s) and/or contraceptive method(s). For more information on report parameters, see Refining a Report.

Reports can also be sorted, please see sorting a report for instructions. 

You can also capture data from a report if you so desire. Please see Capturing and Saving Data for information on copying report data. 

Users must log in to access the detailed shipment information in the Shipment History report. For more information on how to log in to this site, see Logging In


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