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Access contraceptive
order information

What is the RHInterchange?

The Reproductive Health Interchange (RHI) provides access to harmonized data on contraceptive orders and shipments for over 150 countries. The data currently reflects over 80% of contraceptive supplies provided by donors over the last several years, worth more than $3.3 billion. 

Select a report from the menu on the left to view past and upcoming contraceptive shipments. Use the data and reports for pipeline monitoring, commodity management, analysis and planning. To learn more about the RHI, download the RHI factsheet.

Who provides the data?

The RHI data comes from the central procurement offices of major contraceptive donors and other organizations that procure contraceptives. This includes such organizations as IPPF, MSI, PSI, USAID and UNFPA, among others. For a comprehensive list and notes about the data, see About the Data

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Interested in including data from your organization or ministry in the RHInterchange? Please contact procurement@unfpa.org for more information.