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How do I create a graph using report data ?


You can display data from the Value Summary report graphically using the built-in graphing function. Once you have generated the report you would like to view, click Show (circled in the figure below). 
A new browser window or tab will open, displaying a bar graph generated from the Value Summary report you ran. The bars in the graph represent the total value of commodities by year, based on the parameters you chose.
The Graph Options area found to the right of the screen provides additional display options for the graph:  
  • You can break the value bars down by contraceptive method or funding source using the Stack By drop-down menu. 
  • Selecting Show Values displays the value amounts in the graph. 



There are two options for saving a graph. Choose the option you would like to save :
  • Create a PDF: this option creates a PDF document that includes the refinement criteria. 
  • Create a JPG: this option creates a picture of only the graph i.e., without the refinement criteria. 

For reports that do not provide a graphing function, you can graph the data yourself by exporting it to Excel, and then creating a graph in the Excel spreadsheet. Please see Exporting to Excel for information on how to export report data to Excel.


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