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How do I capture and save report data ?


Data from RHInterchange reports can be captured and saved for further analysis and for use in documents and presentations. Data can be captured in three ways: 

  • Copying data 
  • Exporting data 
  • Creating a graph 


Copying Data

This option is available for all reports on the RHInterchange website. To copy data from a report, run the report with the data you want to copy. Then, click the Copy button.
The selected report data is now stored in your computer's clipboard. You can paste the data into any Microsoft Office application. 

Exporting data

You can export data in pdf, excel and CSV format. All these options are available in the Value Summary, Quantity Summary, Geographic Summary and Shipment History reports. Once you have generated the report you would like to view, click Save (circled in the figure below). A dialog box will appear, asking you if you would like to save the file as a PDF, an Excel file or a CSV Text Document. To save the document, choose Save As in the File menu, specify where you would like to save the file, and give the file a name. Click Save.

Creating a Graph

This option is available only for the Value Summary report. Please see Creating a Graph for details on how to create a graph using the built-in graphing function.


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