Questions about the data


Why do I not recognize the value of the order ?


(a) The value reflects the landed cost.
The value in the RHI includes all landed costs, i.e. product unit cost, freight costs, insurance costs, any sampling and testing costs and any service costs.  Therefore if you are only expecting to see the product value of your shipment, it will not match the value in the RHI.
(b) Known errors in the value of the data.
The value of the goods in the RHI is shown in US Dollars, which is the same currency that they should be reported into the RHI by the data provider.  However, in some cases the Purchase Order in the underlying database of the data provider is in another currency, and this amount is not translated to US Dollars when submitted to the RHI. There have been no corrections to the data provided and therefore any incorrect reports remain uncorrected.
If you have questions about an order, please contact the procuring organization for further information on orders.
(c) The value cannot be shown due to contract confidentiality.
Due to contract terms requiring pricing confidentiality, UNFPA is unable to publish prices for certain products/shipments. In these cases, the value of the order is shown as "$0".