Questions about the data


Why do I not see an order which I think has been placed ?

If you expect an order which does not appear, it may be due to one of the following reasons :
(a) The order is not captured in the RHI
The RHInterchange only contains information submitted by procuring organizations who are data providers. Click to see list of data providers to the RHInterchange. In addition, there are some limitations in the data submitted by data providers :
  • The RHI reflects all of UNFPA and USAID's contraceptive purchases. 
  • For IPPF and MSI, the RHI displays procurements carried out centrally only (i.e. excludes procurements carried out by individual country programs). 
  • For all other Funding Sources, the RHInterchange only contains purchases carried out by procuring organizations who are data providers.


(b) The data provider has not yet submitted recent data

Les fournisseurs de données transmettent les données à des fréquences variables.

IPPF Daily
UNFPA 3 times a week 
Crown Agents Hebdomadaire
DKT Ethiopia Quarterly
ICA Foundation Quarterly
IRH Quarterly
MSI Quarterly
PSI Quarterly
Agence Ivoirienne de Marketing Social Quarterly
Ministry of Health and Population - Nepal Quarterly - Most recent available date is from  2011
Kenya Medical Supplies Agency Most recent available date is from  2009
Medical Stores Department Tanzania Most recent available date is from   2009
National Medical Stores - uganda  Most recent available date is from   2008


(c) The procuring organization has not yet placed the order with a supplier
Data is only submitted to the RHI when a Purchase Order is placed with and accepted by a supplier. There may be a period between placing your order with a procuring organization, and a Purchase Order being placed and accepted by a supplier.  Until the Purchase Order is accepted, your order will not show in the RHI.
(d) The order is for a commodity category which is not captured in the RHI
The RHI only contains information on the following commodity categories :
  • Barriers Methods
  • Condoms - Female
  • Condoms – Male
  • Foam / Jelly Spermicide 
  • Implants
  • Injectables
  • IUDs
  • Orals - Combined
  • Orals - Emergency
  • Orals - Only Progesterone
  • VFT / Suppository Spermicide  
  • Standard Days Method
Examples of commodities not captured include medical devices, medical equipment, maternal health medicines, and emergency kits. If you have questions about an order, please contact the procuring organization for further information on orders.