Questions about the data


Why do I not recognize the recipient of the order ?


The recipient is captured in the RHI based upon information submitted by data providers.  In some cases, the recipient in data the providers underlying data is captured in such a way that it cannot be transmitted to and shown in the RHI.


(a) Procuring Organization: UNFPA, Recipient "[Country Name]" 
The procurement was performed by UNFPA and the recipient is the UNFPA Country Office in the named country.  However, the ultimate recipient organization is most often the Ministry of Health.
(b) Procuring Organization: UNFPA, Recipient "[Country Name] 3rd Party" 
The procurement was performed by UNFPA and the recipient is a third party client to UNFPA, for example the local Ministry of Health, a local or International NGO, or another UN Agency.  
(c) Procuring Organization: UNFPA, Recipient "[Country name] GCCP"
GCCP was UNFPA's erstwhile strategic stock of 53mm Male Condoms, which was usually used for emergency orders.  The recipient may be a UNFPA Country Office, Ministry of Health, NGO or other International Organization in the country. Please note that the GCCP arrangement is now defunct and since January 2011 has been replaced with a managed stock under the AccessRH initiative.
Please contact the procuring organization directly to request information on the third party.