Questions about the data


Why is the Receipt Date the same as the Shipment Date ? 


(a) The destination port was near enough to the port of origin for the delivery to be completed in one day by Air or Road.
If the shipment date and delivery date are the same, it is possible that the shipment and delivery date were the same day, particularly if the delivery was via Air-freight. In other cases (for example below), the manufacturer is in the same country as the recipient and the transport by truck can also be completed in one day.
(b) There is an error in the data submitted.
In general, if the freight method is not Air, it will probably be an error due to incomplete or inaccurate dates being entered into the underlying data source.To report a known or suspected error in the dates, please contact  To request information on Shipment and Receipt Dates, please contact the procuring organization directly.