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What is the demographic data in the Motion Chart Visualization ?


Please note that the data available for Motion Chart Visualization is for the period 1 January 2004 through 31 December 2008 only. The following data is included in the Motion Chart Visualization.
Definition : gross domestic product (GDP) per capita adjusted for differences in purchasing power (in international dollars1, fixed 2005 prices, purchasing power parity (PPP) based on 2005 International Comparison Program). 
Source : Gapminder
Data manipulation : 2008 values were projected using linear regression based on the 2000 - 2007 data.
Definition : total population
Source : Gapminder
Data manipulation : none
Contraceptive Use Among Married Women (CPR)
Definition : percentage of currently married or "in-union" women of reproductive age (15-49) who are currently using any form of modern contraception. "Modern" methods include clinic-based and supply methods such as the pill, implants, injectables, IUD, condom, and sterilization.
Source : these data are from a wide variety of sources.
Each of these sources, in turn, has compiled their data from a wide variety of surveys. Please refer to each source for a description of its data characteristics. The majority of the data is from the Population Reference Bureau; where gaps existed, other sources were used where possible.
Data manipulation : where no CPR data was found for a specific year, the most recent previous year's CPR is used. Where no previous year's data was found, the CPR is reported as zero. Therefore, a country's reported CPR for a given year may be derived from a survey performed in a prior year.
Fertility Rate 
Definition : total number of children that would be born to each woman over her lifetime based on prevailing age-specific fertility rates (referred to as total fertility rate or TFR).
Source : Gapminder
Data manipulations : Total fertility data is available in five-year increments. Therefore, we used data from 2000 for the year 2004, and data from 2005 for the years 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008. No extrapolation was performed.
Public Health Expenditure
Definition : percent of government expenditure on health. Public health expenditure consists of recurrent and capital spending from government (central and local) budgets, external borrowings and grants (including donations from international agencies and nongovernmental organizations), and social (or compulsory) health insurance funds.
Data manipulations : data was consistently available for 2004 and 2005. For 2006-2008, where data were not available, values were projected using linear regression based on the 2001-2005 data.
Couple Years of Protection (CYP)
Definition : volume (quantity) of contraceptives provided expressed in CYPs. CYP is an estimate of the number of years (or fractions of a year) of protection provided by each unit of contraception. It can be used to report across different methods of contraception.
Source RHInterchange
Data manipulations : conversion from quantity to CYP using the following factors
RHI method Units per CYP
Condoms - Male 120
Condoms - Female 120
Orals - Combined 15
Orals - Progestin Only 15
Orals - Emergency 20
Injectables 4
IUDs 0.28571
Implants 0.28571
Foam / Jelly Spermicide 120
VFT / Suppository Spermicide 120
Barrier Methods 1



Definition : RHInterchange value of contraceptives procured and shipped in US $. Represents the total landed cost for the commodity provided.


Data manipulations : none


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