Data Variables


What are the options in the Refinement Panel ?


Funding Source refers to the known source of funds to procure the goods : click to see full list of funding sources


Dates refers to This is the Shipment Date.  This is distinct from the date which an order was placed the procuring organization, and as a result the Shipment Year may differ to the year you expect to see your order.


The following methods are captured in the RHI

  • Barrier Methods
  • Condoms - Female
  • Condoms – Male 
  • Foam/Jelly Spermicide
  • Implants
  • Injectables
  • IUDs
  • Orals - Combined
  • Orals - Emergency
  • Orals - Progestin Only
  • VFT/Suppository Spermicide
  • Standard Days Method/ Cyclebeads
Examples of commodities not captured include medical devices, medical equipment, maternal health medicines, and emergency kits.
If you have questions about the order, please contact the procuring organization for further information on orders.
Country : country of final destination. Click to see full list of countries