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Customized Dignity Kit

Kit de dignité personnaliséKit de dignidad personalizadoIMPORTANT NOTE:
Technical specifications may vary depending on the selected vendor.

UNFPA LTAs offer the possibility to customize dignity kits, using any combination of the following items.
The kit price will be calculated each time based on the specific item combination and item quantity.

1. Female Underwear (panty) - Size small || UoM: Each
2. Female Underwear (panty) - Size medium || UoM: Each
3. Female Underwear (panty) - Size large || UoM: Each
4. Sanitary napkins || UoM: Pack of 10/16 (depending on vendor selection)
5. Bath Soap || UoM: Each
6. Tooth paste || UoM: Each
7. Tooth brush || UoM: Each
8. Comb || UoM: Each
9. Detergent / washing powder || UoM: Each
10. Reusable menstrual pads set || UoM: Set
11. Torch / flashlight (self-powered) || UoM: Each
12. Backpack || UoM: Each
13. Bath towels || UoM: Each
14. Head cover / head scarf / hijab|| UoM: Each
15. Male Underwear (brief) - Size small|| UoM: Each
16. Male Underwear (brief) - Size medium|| UoM: Each
17. Male Underwear (brief) - Size large|| UoM: Each
18. Girl Underwear - Size small || UoM: Each
19. Girl Underwear - Size medium || UoM: Each
20. Girl Underwear - Size large || UoM: Each
21. Boy underwear - Size small || UoM: Each
22. Boy underwear - Size medium || UoM: Each
23. Boy underwear - Size large || UoM: Each
24. Baby blanket || UoM: Each
25. Baby cap || UoM: Each
26. Baby dress || UoM: Each
27. Baby gloves || UoM: Pair
28. Baby socks || UoM: Pair
29. Malong || UoM: Each
30. Shampoo || UoM: Each
31. Cloth diapers || UoM: Pack of 5/Each (depending on vendor selection)
32. Shaving set || UoM: Set
33. Mosquito nets || UoM: Each
34. Whistle || UoM: Each
35. Bucket S || UoM: Each
36. Bucket L|| UoM: Each
37. Shoulder bag || UoM: Each
38. Printing Color || UoM: Each
39. Printing Black and white || UoM: Each

Price Information

$ 0.00 per Kit

Update Information

2021-04-07 07:44:46.0

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