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UNFPA Supplies 

Procurement capacity building through UNFPA Supplies includes training of government personnel and other partners engaged in reproductive health (RH) supply. It also includes offering technical expertise or assistance where gaps in the supply chain have been identified.


A number of e-learning modules have been developed to facilitate capacity building in procurement. The modules are available in multiple languages.

The e-learning modules are available

  • for governments, NGOs and academic institutions 
  • for UN staff and other interested users
  1. UNFPA - Introduction to Procurement, which explains the key steps and principles to be applied when procuring goods and services. Available in: English, Arabic, French, Russian Mongolian, Portuguese, Spanish.
  2.  UNFPA - Ethics in Procurement, which focuses on the role of ethics in specific stages of the procurement process. Available in: English, French, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.
  3. UNFPA - Quality Assurance of Medicines provides a better understanding of the general policy and legislative framework and processes that apply at country and international levels. The processes provide guidance that must be followed in order to assure that a medicine complies with the quality, safety and efficacy of international standards needed to serve its purpose within the health programs. Available in: English, French and Spanish.
  4. Good Governance for Medicines. This programme from WHO was launched in 2004 with the goal of contributing to health systems strengthening and preventing corruption and wastage by promoting good governance in the pharmaceutical sector. Currently available in English with French and Spanish on the way.

To access the UNFPA Supplies learning zone click here

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