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Request a Pro Forma Invoice from UNFPA

To get a Pro forma Invoice:  

  1. Select your items from the Product Catalog
  2. Download a Request for Pro forma Invoice form (EnEsFr
  3. Send your filled out form to requestUNFPA@unfpa.org
  4. You will receive your Pro forma Invoice from a member of your regional procurement team.

To place an order for emergency reproductive health kits:

  1. Download an IARH Kits Request Form (En)
  2. Send your filled-out form to the rhkits@unfpa.org
  3. A member of the emergency procurement team will contact you.


By placing an order with UNFPA, you agree to UNFPA Service Conditions

Questions to consider before ordering:

  • Are the products registered in the country where they will be used?
  • Is the consignee eligible to utilize UNFPA procurement services?

      Note: The consignee needs to be a governmental or not-for-profit organization working in a developing country

  • Will the consignee charge for the products?

Note: Products procured by UNFPA may not be sold to or in the private sector, unless the client can provide proof that the private sector entity is a non-profit organization.

Things to remember before sending Request for Pro forma Invoice: 

  • If special import documents are required, please make a note of  this in the details field of your form

       (some countries may require pre-shipment inspection for customs purposes - not for quality assurance) 

  • If customized artwork or printing is required, please include the specifications as part of your request
  • If post-shipment testing will take place, please note this on your form

Please make sure that the Request for Pro forma Invoice includes the following information:

  • Complete name and delivery address of the consignee and details for all other parties that need to be notified 
  • Detailed item specifications
  • Product quantities
  • Correct units of measure for all products

For further information, please contact your UNFPA focal point.