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1. Select products from the UNFPA Catalog

a. A large selection of items is available in the Catalog.

Customization of the item, for example customized foil, packaging, language printing, etc. result in longer delivery times and higher prices. Where applicable, the customer will need to provide artwork in a file format as requested by supplier, pantone codes for the colors, and exact text to be printed on inserts/packaging. Detailed guidance is provided in the customized artwork and printing guidelines.

Note:UNFPA will consider requests for items outside the Catalog, as well as for customized printing on catalog items, on a case-by-case basis, subject to minimum order value and minimum item value.  

The budget planner and lead time calculator are available to help you during this planning stage.


b. Review the UNFPA Service Conditions


c. Fill out the Request for Pro forma Invoice

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2. Request a Pro forma Invoice from UNFPA

a. Send completed Request for Pro forma Invoice to UNFPA including desired mode of shipment and INCOTERM (Standard Framework Agreement must be used for Procurement of Supplies from UNFPA under World Bank-financed Projects (to be used by World Bank Borrowers)). 

Note: The standard Incoterms used by UNFPA are CIP Named place of Destination (INCOTERMS 2010). UNFPA may be able to accommodate requests for use of different Incoterms due to the exigencies of the particular destination and/or product. If different Incoterms are desired, please notify UNFPA at the time your Request for Pro forma Invoice is submitted.

The Request for Pro forma Invoice should be sent electronically to your respective regional team:

  • Asia and the Pacific, Arab States and Eastern Europe:

Mr. Andres Blasco


  • Anglophone Africa:

Ms. Ksenia Jensen


  • Francophone Africa:

Ms. Lidia Porto


  • Latin America and the Caribbean:

Ms. Monica Lay



b. Receive your Pro forma Invoice from UNFPA

The Pro forma Invoice is a binding offer valid for 30 days from the date of issuance. Clients may request changes to quantities and/or items, but should keep in mind that any changes at this stage may significantly delay the order.

Note: One request may need to be split among several suppliers, in which case, different items may arrive on different dates. 

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3. Confirm your order


a.   Sign and return your Order Confirmation to UNFPA

The order confirmation form is attached to the Pro forma Invoice you received. Signing and returning this, indicates your acceptance of the UNFPA Service Conditions.

b.   Transfer funds

The amount on the Pro forma Invoice is the final amount to be charged by UNFPA. UNFPA bank account details are provided on the Pro forma Invoice.

The Pro forma Invoice is issued in USD and payment is to be made in USD via bank/wire transfer. The funds need to be credited to the UNFPA bank account by the validity date stated on the Pro forma Invoice.

Note: Once the validity date has passed, prices on the Pro forma Invoice are no longer valid.


c.   UNFPA places orders with suppliers

Production times can be quite long, and transit times vary significantly depending on mode of transportation and port of destination. More information on standard production time estimates is available on the Lead Time page. Standard transit time estimates are one week for shipments by air and one month for shipments by sea. When available, more specific estimates will be provided on the Pro forma Invoice.


d.      Order is shipped

Once your order is shipped, UNFPA sends electronic copies of the shipping documents to the consignee.  Original shipping documents are couriered by the supplier in advance of the arrival of the order. A standard set of shipping documents includes:

1.   Commercial invoice

2.   Packing list

3.   Certificate of Analysis, where applicable

4.   Bill of Lading or Air Waybill

If additional documents are necessary, please notify UNFPA at the time your Request for Pro forma Invoice is submitted.


e.   Order arrives at port of destination

Note: According to the standard Incoterms used by UNFPA, i.e. CIP (Carriage Insurance Paid) (INCOTERMS 2010), as well as under the UNFPA Service Conditions, the Customer is responsible for completing all customs formalities and obtaining all customs related clearances.