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Lead Time

Lead time is the total time from when a Purchase Order is submitted until the goods arrive at their destination. There are four components of lead team, each of which may vary significantly depending on the specific circumstances of each request. Lead time information can be used to help plan procurement orders so that products arrive at desired times. However, there are a number of factor affecting Lead time.

1. Request Processing: 1-4 weeks 

Once a client submits a Request for Pro forma Invoice, UNFPA will:

1.     Review the request for product availability, customized artwork and printing requests, destination product registration, etc.

2.     Select suppliers to fulfil the request according to UNFPA procurement procedures

3.     Prepare a Pro forma Invoice upon confirmation of all costs (incl. goods, freight, inspection and insurance)

Note: To ensure faster processing of your request, please be sure to:

i.              Ensure all necessary fields are completed in the Request for Pro forma Invoice form

ii.             List specific items and desired quantities

iii.            Select standardized items from the UNFPA Product Catalog

iv.            Review guidelines if requesting customized artwork and or printing

2. Order Confirmation and Payment: 1-4 weeks

To place an order, clients must accept UNFPA Service Conditions (EnEsFr). Clients must then return the completed Order Confirmation (sent with the Pro forma Invoice) to UNFPA. The Order Confirmation must be received within the specified time stated on the Pro forma Invoice (normally 30 days). UNFPA must also receive full advance payment (as stated on the Pro forma Invoice) before an order can be placed.

3. Order Placement and Production: 2-17 weeks

1.     UNFPA Procurement issues a Purchase Order to suppliers.

2.   Production: For items ordered from production, Lead time will depend on various factors, including product availability, manufacturing capacity, and the level of product customization requested.

Note: The Lead Time Calculator provides additional product specific estimates.


Estimated production times by product:

Male condoms from stock

2 Weeks

Male condoms

4 to 16 weeks*

Female condoms

8 to 10 weeks*


2 to 16 weeks


2 to 16 weeks

Intrauterine devices (IUDs)

2 to 16 weeks

Oral contraceptives

2 to 16 weeks

Emergency contraceptives

10 to 12 weeks


1 to 12 weeks

Reproductive health kits

1 to 12 weeks

*Includes time required for mandatory sampling and testing.

Note: Customized printing, artwork, and other product customizations lengthen production time, and cannot be ordered when ordering condoms from stock.

4. Shipment to destination: 1-4 weeks

Shipping (transit) time is the time it takes to transport goods from the supplier's warehouse to the port of destination. Standard estimates are one week for shipments by air and four weeks for shipments by sea, though actual shipping times may vary.

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Use our LEAD TIME CALCULATOR to create a custom estimate of how long your order will take to arrive