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Budget Planner 

The Budget Planning tool makes estimating the cost of your procurement order easier. Costs include the price of selected products, mandatory insurance, pre-shipment sampling, testing or inspection (required for certain products), and a 5% administrative fee for non-UNFPA clients.

Prices (quoted in USD) are only an estimate of the required budget. Final prices will be stated in the Pro forma invoice. Prices do not include freight costs, as this varies depending on destination and mode of transportation. Customized artwork and printing will also affect pricing. Please contact your UNFPA focal point for details.

To determine how many items can be purchased within your budget: Define the USD value of your available budget and select the desired products. Click the "How many can I get?" button and the tool will calculate the available quantity.

To determine costs for a given quantity: Insert the desired product quantity and leave the ‘budget' field empty. The tool will provide you with an estimated USD value for the desired product quantity.

To include multiple items in the budget: Insert the percentage of the budget that you wish to use on a particular product. Add this information to the budget plan table, and proceed with calculating the cost for the remaining products. You can also add products to the table without defining the budget or percentage, and the tool will calculate the product specific and total costs for you.

Note: Visit the UNFPA Catalog to view product information. To get an estimate of how long it will take to receive your products, use the "Export" button in the budget table to export your products to the Lead Time Calculator.

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